7/3/2023 | Luke Chapter 11

+ Tuesday: Luke Chapter 11 +

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Audio link: https://bit.ly/3EFDCWJ 

[verses 9-10] Now by asking, He means prayer, but by seeking, zeal and anxiety, as He adds, Seek, and you shall find. For those things which are sought require great care. And this is particularly the case with God. For there are many things which block up our senses. As then we search for lost gold, so let us anxiously seek after God. He shows also, that though He does not forthwith open the gates, we must yet wait.
+ John Chrysostom

Personal Question
Verse 9-10 is a beautiful promise from the Lord. If “ask” is prayer, “seek” is more than prayer, and to “knock” is to continue seeking, am I currently seeking God? Practically/realistically, how can I? Today, this week, this year.