28/2/2023 | Luke Chapter 6

+ Tuesday: Luke Chapter 6 +

Reading link: http://bit.ly/3KvEUY7
Audio link: https://bit.ly/3Y1o3zu 

Contemplation [verses 20-26]
Our Friend came in suffering, living amongst those who suffer to carry them in the midst of suffering to share His glories. He presents a personal blessing to His listeners by saying ‘Blessed are you….’ He describes them as poor and hungry, weeping and despised by people, and persecuted wrongfully by them. Then He begins His ‘woes’ to those who have the contrary qualities to the rich, the fully satisfied, those who laugh now, those who are praised by everyone..
+ Fr Tadros Malaty

Personal Question
Christ speaks of blessings and of woes, to encourage us and warn us. Which blessings/hardships and which warnings/woes apply to you? Add this to your list for discussion with Abouna in your next confession