20/2/2023 | Gospel of Luke Intro

+ Monday: Luke Introduction +

Watch an overview at https://youtu.be/XIb_dCIxzr0

Written by: Saint Luke, he was a physician (Col 4:14) and a painter.
Written for: The Gentiles
Main Focus: Mission and Evangelism.
Key Verse: Luke 2:32

As for our teacher St. Luke the herald, as a Gentile educated physician, he wished to serve those of the Hellenistic concepts, and thus he wrote to the Greeks about the Lord Jesus as being ‘a friend to the entire humanity! He presented His divine deeds for salvation to fulfill what the Greek philosophy and human wisdom were unable to fulfill. This is why this gospel is called ‘the gospel of God’s friendship’ or ‘the gospel of Jesus the Savior!’…‘the universal gospel’…
+ Fr Tadros Malaty