1/3/2023 | Luke Chapter 7

+ Wednesday: Luke Chapter 7 +

Reading link: http://bit.ly/3SsFiIV
Audio link: https://bit.ly/3SswSkO 

Contemplation [verses 36-50]
Do not worry and despair if you feel the weight of your previous sins, because Christ’s mercy is boundless. Even if your sin is great, yet Christ’s mercy is even greater. With His grace the sinner is justified, and the bondsman is released. But know for sure that the faith in Christ is what equips us for these redeeming blessings, because faith is the way of life and grace. In it we go to the heavenly dwelling place where we inherit the kingdom of the righteous saints, and become members in Christ’s kingdom.’
+ St Cyril the Great

Personal Question
If I picture myself in the sinful woman’s place, coming before Christ bearing the weight of those sins of mine I am most ashamed of, how would it feel for Christ to absolve me and say to me “Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.”? Ponder the sweetness of Christ’s mercy and acceptance; this is the wonder of confession and repentance.