05.04.2023 | Haggai Intro

+ Wednesday: Intro to Haggai +
Haggai is one of the Minor Prophet books in the Bible, in the Old Testament. 

Written by: The prophet Haggai

Written for: The people of Jerusalem who had recently returned to their city after being exiled. The people of Jerusalem at this time were in the process of rebuilding Jerusalem which was in ruins after their period of exile. 

Main Focus: To tell the people of Jerusalem that they needed to prioritise the rebuilding of the temple so they can show their allegiance to God who returned them home. 

A Key Verse: Haggai 2:5 http://bit.ly/3ZC44bo 

Watch overview at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juPvv_xcX-U

Personal Reflection
Let us pray before beginning this book that we come with an open heart, and allow the Lord, as we near the end of lent, to uproot the old in us, and plant and set the new in us, so that we may be filled with the hope and joy of His resurrection.