Coptic Orthodoxy

copticThe term “Coptic” is derived from the Greek “Aigyptos” meaning “Egyptian.“ So Coptic Orthodoxy is the Egyptian expression of Orthodox Christianity in the same way that there is Greek Orthodoxy or Russian Orthodoxy.

Orthodox means “right worship”

Orthodoxy is the way to salvation, handed down to the Apostles from Christ, preached by the Apostles to the world and preserved by the saints to this day.


Our Parish

stmarkThe hand of the Lord has been shown mighty and strong throughout the history of St Mark’s. The main church was initially bought in late 1978 under the stewardship of Fr Moussa Soliman. It was bought in order to meet the demands of the increasing waves of the faithful who were seeking to continue in the faith, which had been preserved for them through thousands of years and through many persecutions.



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