Spiritual Message of the Day 7/1

January: St Joseph’s Month

Each year in January and after celebrating Nativity, many of the church readings include the role of St Joseph as the carer being the father for baby Jesus. St Joseph is a unique saint who is full of virtues and hence a strong intercessor. Some of his virtues are:

1. A man of faith – not only in believing the strange message from Archangel Gabriel but also in his faith in God’s support throughout Mary’s pregnancy and the remainder of his life 

2. A pure man – he dealt with this young attractive girl with all purity.

3. A man of great mercy –  he did not want to expose St Mary but rather chose to protect her.

4. A man of self-denial – he suffered a great deal to be always there for St Mary and the little baby.

5. A heavenly man – he encountered many angels and they directly conversed with him on many occasions.

6. A man of great obedience – in all what heaven directed him without questioning.

7. A true father – who is much respected and loved by Jesus. St Mary used this love to convince Jesus to return with them to Gallilee.

Do yourself a favour and invite St Joseph to be your patron saint throughout the month of January.

-Fr Jonathan Ishak