Spiritual Message of the Day 17/2

A Spiritual message from Fr David:

The 3 days of Jonah’s fasting is a good opportunity for us to dwell on the acceptable repentance of the Ninevites. When confronted with their mistakes, they humbled themselves, fasted and prayed. Even though this message of God came from their enemy (Jonah, a Jewish man). They accepted this and they humiliated themselves and cried before the Lord. This combination of prayer and fasting was so powerful that it changed the will of God. The Ninevites were condemned to destruction, the Just Judge had spoken. However because of their prayer and repentance, the Lord relented and His heart was moved with compassion. May the Lord give us wisdom like the Ninevites to understand and take full advantage of this powerful combination of prayer and fasting.

Happy and blessed St Jonah’s Feast to you all.