Featured Saint 23/5

The monk, Father Abd El Masih of Ethiopia
Claim to fame: He was from the ruling family in Ethiopia and was raised to love virtue and remain fearful of God. He became a monk in the wilderness of Ethiopia, for a period, before walking to the monasteries of Wadi-El Natroun. It took him nine months and ten days. He went first to the monastery of El Baramous then moved to a grotto, far from the monastery, and he lived there as a hermit, refusing even to build a door to his cell.
He lived the life of solitude and asceticism. He was known to soak a piece of dry bread in a plate with some water, adding to it some dry mallow (molokheya), tea, mint, or hot chillies to make an unappetising, cold soup, then eat this mixture. He did this to sustain himself but avoid taking delight or take pleasure in the taste of even a single meal. Later in his life, he longed to visit Jerusalem and he did so, departing while he was there.

Fun fact: many became his disciples, amongst them was Pope Shenouda III.