Featured Saint, 16/4

St Apollo and St Abib

Claim to fame: St Apollo met St Abib who strengthened his desire to live the monastic life. They went together to one of the monasteries and became monks there. They practiced many ascetic works. They lived a good life that was pleasing to God. The saint Abba Abib departed on the 25th of Babah. Thereupon St. Apollo went to Ablug Mount and many gathered around him. He taught them the fear of God and the acceptable worship. On the 25th of Babah they celebrated the commemoration of the saint Abba Abib to fulfill the saying of the Holy Bible, “The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance.” (Psalm 112:6) Abba Apollo lived for many years after that and he had monasteries and many brethren. When the Lord Christ wished to relieve him from the labour of this world, he departed in peace.