Featured Saint 05/06

Pope John II

Claim to fame: Pope John wrote a message to St. Sawirus that testified to the union of the essence of God, and the trinity of His characters, and by the incarnation of the eternal Son of God, the Divine and the human nature have become one and no longer two natures, without separation, mingling, or confusion. He anathematized those who separate the two natures, those who confuse them and those who said that the suffering crucified Christ was only a man, and those who say that His Divine nature also suffered and died. When Abba Sawirus read his message, he received it with joy, and made it public in all Antioch.

Quote: “Jesus Christ after the union with flesh has become of one nature with one Will without separation, and I believe in the same faith of Pope Cyril and Pope Dioscorus” – St. Sawirus, patriarch of Antioch.

Fun fact: Pope John II was the Patriarch at the time of the Fourth Ecumenical Council, who favoured the Non-Chalcedonian churches.