Saint of the Week

St Agapius

Claim to fame: After hearing of his asceticism, righteousness and the power of his prayer, Lucinus the governor brought him by force and appointed him a soldier in the army. St Agapius prayed that he may be returned to the monastery, and God answered His prayer – when Emperor Constantine took over the empire, St Agapius healed his servant of an evil spirit. The emperor wished to reward him, but St Agapius refused any gift but to be returned to the monastery, which Constantine granted him.

Quote: “With eager longing have I come to gaze upon the Most Christian Emperor Justinian. In his place I find a Diocletian, whose threats, however, terrify me not.”

Fun fact: His biography included more than one hundred miracles that he performed.

Saint Agapitus, Pope of Rome - Orthodox Church in America