Spiritual Message of the Day 18/1/22

Man cast aside all that he had, his right to speak freely, his communion with God, his sojourn in paradise, his unclouded life, and as from the shipwreck, went forth bare. But God received him and straightaway clothed him, and taking him by the hand gradually conducted him to heaven. And yet the shipwreck was quite unpardonable. For this tempest was due entirely not to the force of the winds, but to the carelessness of the sailor. And yet God did not look at this, but had compassion for the magnitude of the calamity, and him who had suffered shipwreck in the harbour, he received as lovingly as if he had undergone this in the midst of the open sea. For the fall in paradise is to undergo shipwreck in the harbour. Why so? Because when no sadness, or care, or labours, or toils, or countless waves of desire assaulted our nature, it was upset and it fell.

– St John Chrysostom