Spiritual Message of the Day 17/04/22

Spiritual Message from Fr Yacoub:


Every year on Palm Sunday, the Coptic Church gives us an opportunity to rehearse the of welcoming the Lord Jesus Christ into His heavenly kingdom. Our hearts beat with the joy of seeing our Lord in His glory.

The church sings a special song in Greek, “Evlogimenos” which means “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord” and “Hosanna in the highest”. It truly is a form of rehearsal of the last day when we see our King coming to invite us to His kingdom – it’s the joyful feeling of the arrival of the King of Peace.

We see in Him our eternal future, so it’s really a most joyful cry of salvation. It’s a cry similar to that of the Israelites when they crossed the Red Sea. It’s a great experience of salvation from the land of servitude, under the authority of the devil, to the land of freedom, the kingdom of the Lord.
No moment in our life can be more joyful than the instant we see our Saviour, in His glory, welcoming us into His kingdom! This joy is reflected in all the hymns of Pascha (which means Passover). In fact, the daily tasbeha of the Coptic Church is the joy of the monks and nuns that they have daily, they have this feeling of crossing from servitude to freedom.

Let us have this yearly rehearsal of procession with our beloved Lord Jesus Christ from the land of sorrow to His joyful kingdom.

Glory be to God forever Amen.